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Decisions in an information vacuum

The Buy vs. Build decision process is very interesting to me as it is a small, common process that often leads to the undesired outcome. I covered before the secondary costs that often block this process in this post: reading

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Institutionalizing “winging it”

The following is an attempt in improving third party product adoption in software. Third party software often can lead to great savings, but it is often hard to get an actual piece of software on a project in a reasonable … Continue reading

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Making it tangible

Tangible things are easy to care about; this is because we are humans. We like things that we can hear see & feel. Even in religion you will see all of these sense engaged; idols, symbols, incense & liturgy are … Continue reading

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Requirements: Accuracy and Precision.

For reference: Requirements are interesting in software development. It is used as the contract that the developer has to fulfill to succeed, if there is something missing then the requirements are incomplete, missing, wrong. This is surprising, because we … Continue reading

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Reframing the bug backlog

A lot of places where I end up have a bug backlog; usually around 200-800 defects features and other assorted stuff in there. But mostly bugs. This creates an interesting dynamic, first of all trying to attack the backlog leads … Continue reading

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Adam Smith on software

Adam Smith famously wrote of ‘a man of humanity in Europe’ who would not ‘sleep tonight’ if ‘he was to lose his little finger tomorrow’ but would ‘snore with the most profound security’ if a hundred million of his Chinese … Continue reading

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Some syntactic sugar around locking & threading

One of the things that make debugging threading easier is to reduce the amount of code that you are debugging. This makes syntactic sugar actually quite important when it comes to this problem space. The lock keyword and sections are … Continue reading

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