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Prestige in software

There is a questions I like to ask software developers; “what would you like to be doing in 10 years?” There are almost no developers who answer that with “writing software”. It is actually so bad that people who have … Continue reading

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BindingList Extensions

So when working with binding lists you often have a scenario where you have to update the list you have with the list from the database. If you want to make sure that the selections that a user may have … Continue reading

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Bad UX in Airplanes

So we have been watching Air crash investigations ( ), and it is very interesting to see the depth analysis into all the factors that cause airplane crashes. One common theme that arises is that Bad UX causes actually … Continue reading

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Harnessing confusion

So I get confused pretty easily, and I like that. Most for the time I get confused because my brain has a hard time storing & sorting the information that I’m provided with. The reason for that (as best I … Continue reading

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History in the study of software

One thing that I have enjoyed in the working world, but have had precious little of during my software education is history. In many fields the focus is either on teaching the formulas or the history; Mechanical engineering focuses heavily … Continue reading

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Copying hierarchical data in SQL server

I ran into a problem recently what required me to transverse a hierarchy and create a deep copy of the data in the tables. Expecting this to be a solved problem I turned to Google and was met by cursors. … Continue reading

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Evolving towards agile

Agile I always understood as being a beast of synergy. If you followed all the principles of the methodology then they would feed off each other and create a singularity of productivity. Fail on the implementation of some of the … Continue reading

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Decisions in an information vacuum

The Buy vs. Build decision process is very interesting to me as it is a small, common process that often leads to the undesired outcome. I covered before the secondary costs that often block this process in this post: reading

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Institutionalizing “winging it”

The following is an attempt in improving third party product adoption in software. Third party software often can lead to great savings, but it is often hard to get an actual piece of software on a project in a reasonable … Continue reading

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Making it tangible

Tangible things are easy to care about; this is because we are humans. We like things that we can hear see & feel. Even in religion you will see all of these sense engaged; idols, symbols, incense & liturgy are … Continue reading

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